Skin rejuvenation with laser

Women are ready to sell their souls to the devil to stay young as long as possible. Judging by their appearance, some of the young ladies did. It is their choice, genetics and/or conscious approach to care. Let's be happy for them and think about ourselves. In order to fight the signs of aging, you need to know your enemies by sight. This will let you know when you need to rejuvenate your face.

Signs of aging

Wrinkles are the first, and sometimes the only, signs of aging. But these criteria are too global. You can see that the skin wants to start over much earlier than wrinkles, crow's feet and other "magic" appear. The sooner you act, the more likely you are to turn back time.

It is worth paying attention to anti-aging procedures if:

  • the skin has lost its elasticity, is less elastic, the oval of the face is swollen;
  • shallow mimic wrinkles appeared at the corners of the eyes, near the mouth;
  • the skin does not look fresh, grayness, dullness appeared;
  • foci of acquired pigmentation are visible, which are not related to UV radiation;
  • hyperkeratosis of the skin, characterized by thickening, is suspected.

As for the last sign, hyperkeratosis of the face is a serious problem. The pathology is associated with rapid cell division and a violation of their exfoliation. As a result, the update does not work as it should. In addition to thickening, the cover is less stretchable, and there are problems with flexibility. How to normalize cell renewal without disturbing the skin - use ascorbic acid, use vitamin A or tretinoin? It is better to choose modernity, safety and efficiency. This requires laser facial skin rejuvenation by a beautician.

Laser facial rejuvenation

Why is laser peeling used in the treatment of hyperkeratosis? When such a problem appears, a person needs only a soft, gentle influence. Very aggressive acid treatments only do harm. Which laser peeling should you consider? If you have problems exfoliating dead cells, then charcoal exfoliation is necessary. A carbon amplifier is used for its implementation.

woman with laser skin rejuvenation

The large penetration of the rays triggers the production of collagen and elastin. It turned out that the device fights scales, bumps (layering of dead cells) and wrinkles. Charcoal peeling removes acne and rosacea. Fractional facial skin rejuvenation is performed with a CO2 laser, the latter being worse than neodymium.

Advantages of the neodymium laser:

  • can be used to solve many problems, including tattoo removal, and does not lead to serious damage;
  • neodymium laser rejuvenation can be performed at any time of the year, even in summer;
  • webs, burns or bruises do not appear on the skin, maximum - redness;
  • easy to use, even a novice beautician can handle the device.

The neodymium laser will delight you by making the skin elastic by starting the synthesis of collagen and elastin. It restores the attractive shade of the face, smoothes wrinkles and copes with various types of hyperpigmentation, starting with moles, age spots and tattoos. Carbon peeling - and does not layer dead cells or rosacea with acne. Just beautiful, clean, rejuvenated skin. You are beautiful with a neodymium laser!